Iron Eagle (1986) IMDB 5.00(7 493) Full Movie Download

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original title: Iron Eagle
rating: 5.00(7 493)
The us, Israel, Canada
action, Thriller, war
Director: Sidney J.. Fyuri. starring: Louis Gosset ml. Jason Gedrik, Tim Tomerson, Larry B. Scott, Carolyn Lagerfe”t, …
running time: , 117 min.
release date: 1986


Eighteen-year-old Doug masters learned to fly in a jet earlier, than was the driving licence. He wants all be like his father, Colonel Ted Marcus. Dag submit their documents to the flight school, but it does not take because of poor performance. Colleagues Ted Marcus bring his family the sad news that the aircraft was Colonel shot down, and he is in captivity in hostile state. The U.S. government cannot return of a military pilot to his homeland, but he decides to get his father out of the captivity on their own. He turned for help to the Colonel in resignation CHappi Sinclair. CHappi was a military pilot and specialized in the organization of rescue operations. CHappi leases on its name military fighter for Dag. A brave young man, determined to return to the father’s home alive, to soar into the…

Review: Rating positive reviews: 0% (1) Milmen – 29.03.2010 Child Top Gun Children’s hurrah-Patriotic film with accompanying representatives of this genre abundance of Paphos and shapkozakidatelstva. The plot is utter nonsense. It is clear of course that the film was created for kids, teenagers, the bulk of which go to the cinema in order to nibble popcorn Yes marvel at spectacular special effects. But in places the idiocy of what is happening much too catches the eye… read more\’
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